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Student Organizing Tips

Student Organizing Tips

Students Need Organizing, Too Copyright: pressmaster / 123RF Stock Photo

Students Need Organizing, Too Copyright: pressmaster / 123RF Stock Photo

Student Organizing Tips

The first semester of school has come and gone. How have your kids survived? For many children, especially those who started middle or high school for the first time the first semester can be tricky. A new set of expectations, a new type of schedule, all things that make the transition difficult for students, especially those who struggle with executive function or have ADHD. Below are a few of our favorite student organizing tips for surviving school.

Get a Good Planner (and use it)

Now is the time to really teach and enforce strong time management skills for your kids. They may not have full time jobs and mortgages, but it’s likely they have a lot of after school activities, exams, and social lives to keep up with. Work with your kids to find a planner or app that allows them to track their tasks and learn how to prioritize for long-term success.

Our favorite student organizing planner is the Academic Planner from fellow professional organizer Leslie Josel founder of Order Out of Chaos.

Use Technology to your Advantage

Many parents cringe at the idea of their kids having their devices with them during homework time. However, there are some good things that can come from allowing the kids access to technology as they work. Apps for timers, website blocking software, and even music can help your child focus and get through homework with less struggle.

Take Smarter Breaks

Taking breaks is an essential part to any study routine. It gives kids a chance to reset their attention, to check their social media and alleviate any FOMO (fear of missing out) that has been distracting them, and can increase the overall productivity of a study session. Build in 5 minute breaks in which you encourage your child to walk around, go outside, or get a snack and drink.

Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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