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How To Organize Your Snow Day

How To Organize Your Snow Day

Get some home organizing done on your snow day.

Get some home organizing done on your snow day.

How to Organize the Snow Day

Snow days are the perfect opportunity to organize with your whole family. Remember back in November when we couldn’t wait for the first snow storm? Daydreams of sledding, snowmen, hot chocolate and cuddling by the fire filled the air. Here in the Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area we certainly got our wish, as some areas received more than 3 feet of snow this season so far – with more on the way!!! Although, it has been great to enjoy extra time with the family, the snow has blanketed the calendars with a plethora of school delays and cancellations this year.

Many parents, including myself, are starting to feel like spring may never come! We have to get work done, and entertaining bored children is exhausting to say the least. In steps the technology. Almost every child has access to an electronic device – be a smartphone, a tablet, video games, or a TV. And without even realizing it, children end up spending the entire snow day basking in the LED light of their electronics.

After realizing I let my son play on his tablet for the entire day so I could get work done, I knew I needed to come up with a plan to beat the Snow Day Blues. That is when I came up with this:

“Snow Day Tablet Time List”

  • A list of activities that took about 30 minutes to complete – each completed activity earned 30 minutes of electronic time
  • Examples of activities:
    • Education Based – Reading, Writing, Math games on the computer, Art projects
    • Household Organizing and Chores – Helping with the dishes, organizing a room, helping to shovel
    • Gratitude work – Writing a thank you note, writing a letter to someone they appreciate, making someone a work of art
    • Fun Things – Playing board games with a sibling, building a snow fort and taking pictures and writing about it for a classroom blog, making a photo collage
  • Bonus Time – I added a half hour of bonus time when 3 activities were completed

The possibilities are endless, and after you spend 20 minutes making the list your work is done. I made a simple chart to add time for completed activities and subtract time used for electronics. It ended up working phenomenally! My son was able to enjoy some much needed downtime and was able to get a lot of things accomplished. The best part was that he was responsible for filling his time, not me. If he wanted to finish his game, he had to plan ahead and accumulate enough tablet time. He was able to finish 2 chapter books that week, reach his goal of 100% in a Reflex Math game for school, write thank you notes, build a snow fort, and contribute to his classroom blog. And best of all, I was able to get home organizing done with the satisfaction of knowing I didn’t have to leave his tablet to babysit.

Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott