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Why Didn’t My Planner Fix My Life?

Why Didn’t My Planner Fix My Life?

Why Didn’t My Planner Fix My Life

What’s Your Time Management Strategy?

Why Didn’t My Planner Fix My Life?

Disclaimer: I’m addicted to my planner. I love it and don’t want to live without it. I know that I am of the electronic generation and am expected to track my life on my phone, but I love my paper planner.

I often hear from clients, friends, and others that they have tried a million different time management systems, planners, and to-do lists both paper-based and electronic.  No matter which system they try, the same question seems to come up: Why didn’t my planner fix my life?

Here’s the tricky part:  Your planner isn’t going to fix your life. YOU are. YOU have the power and the strength and everything you need already within yourself.  

Easy, right?  


The trick is to take all those beautiful things inside you and find a way to make them fit into the world around you. No planner will do that, but there are some that can help.  If time management is your top organizing goal then my best advice to you as a professional organizer is to focus less on the planner and more on your habits surrounding your to-dos. Even a pile of sticky notes or the backs of opened envelopes can be effective time management systems if you use them properly. So what do you do?

Schedule to-dos

Having a huge list of things to accomplish is daunting.  Make it less daunting by picking the top priority tasks and scheduling a time for them to be accomplished.  Consider the time of day you work best, what materials you need for the project, and if other people are involved when scheduling.  


Not all tasks are created equally.  Make sure that as you are working down your list of to-dos that you are completing tasks that will move your goals forward.  Are there some that can wait?  If so, let them linger.

Listen to David Allen

As a productivity master, David Allen has some good stuff.  My most favorite of his advice tidbits is that if a task takes less than 2 minutes to accomplish, do it immediately.  This prevents your task list from growing.

Stick with It

Starting a new habit is hard.  There’s bound to be days and times where you just aren’t able to keep up with it.  That’s ok.  If you forget to use your new system, don’t just give up.  Pick up where you left off and start again.  Don’t get down on yourself if you make mistakes.  Learning is a process and it’s definitely not a straight line.  Be ok with the ups and downs and know that sticking with it will ultimately get you where you want to be.

Happy Organizing,


Cris Sgrott

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