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To Resolve or Not To Resolve – That is the Question

To Resolve or Not To Resolve – That is the Question

33866533_sTo Resolve or Not To Resolve – That is the Question

2016 will be here in a matter of days. Already the internet is streaming with New Year’s Resolutions tips and ideas. Gyms are advertising special rates for new sign ups, health food stores are stocking up for our arrival. So, my question to you is – To Resolve or Not To Resolve? Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Why or why not?

Many people see the New Year as a chance to let go of whatever was holding them back and start with a clean slate. This will be the year we get our garages organized, our paperwork under control, our diets handled, and our time properly managed to achieve all our goals. Starting January 1, it will be a new us! And for many people, this works great. Allowing ourselves the opportunity to forgive any perceived shortcomings and start the year with a fresh outlook on life can be very inspiring. There is no need to linger on what went wrong or what we want to change, because we’re just going to go out there and change it. Resolutions can be a great way to offer yourself forgiveness and motivate yourself to achieve what you are capable of.

For others, however, New Years Resolutions are not part of the yearly plan. Adding so many changes and lofty goals at one time can be overwhelming and easy to fall behind on. The non-resolution crowd prefers to spread out the person growth over the course of the year, picking small changes to implement on daily, weekly, monthly bases then adding on as intermediate goals are met. This method allows us to constantly be improving and changing our goals. This week I will keep my home more organized by processing all of the incoming mail rather than piling it on the counter. Next week, I will declutter my two living room bookshelves. This incremental method resonates better with some people than a blanket declaration to “be more organized in 2016”.

So, which are you? Do you Resolve to make 2016 a better year, or have you already been working towards this all along?


Happy Organizing!

Cris Sgrott