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Millennials don’t have the space for legacy memorabilia

Millennials don’t have the space for legacy memorabilia

Washington Post article - CrisCris was quoted in the December 7, 2015 Washington Post article, Boomers are ready to retire from holiday hubbub, but their kids won’t let them. Boomers are wanting to downsize their holiday decorations, but the boomers’ adult children are not interested in taking the decorations and would prefer to come home during the holidays and have the parents’ house look like it did when they were kids.

Cris’ quote from the article:

“Boomers want to downsize, but they feel they are the holders of legacy, and they have every ornament that was ever made by every kid,” says Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton, 42, a professional organizer with Organizing Maniacs in Tysons Corner. “Millennials are living in as little space as possible so they can afford to travel and spend more time doing things with others. Millennials don’t have the emotional attachment, or the space, for legacy memorabilia.”  Read the full article here.

Cris Sgrott