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Want to buy your Girlfriend or Wife a Gift Certificate for Organizing Services?

Want to buy your Girlfriend or Wife a Gift Certificate for Organizing Services?

Gift Certificate for Organizing ServicesDuring the Holidays and Mother’s Day, we get a lot of calls about our Gift Certificate program. We get calls from organized husbands and boyfriends, and sometimes girlfriends and wives as well. Sorry Gentlemen, but it is mostly men calling. Everyone wants to buy their wife or girlfriend a Gift Certificate for Organizing Services.

Here is my public service announcement!

  1. If your girl/boy friend, husband, wife, mother in law, friend, neighbor, sister, best friend, etc… asked for the Gift of Organization, you don’t have to read further.
    1. Click on the Gift Certificate button on our website and order that amazing gift right now!
    2. Organizing Maniacs – Gift Certificate
  1. If your loved one just mentioned the idea, and how it would be nice to be more organized. Go back and find a good way to ask the question about what they meant by that phrase. There are a lot of Ninja ways to ask the question without asking the question.  Here is an example:
    1. Have you seen the new Real Simple magazine? There are so many great suggestions by Professional Organizers. Wouldn’t it be great to hire one and have the (name your messy area) organized?
    2. Wait for the response! Proceed appropriately
  1. If your love one is completely satisfied with their clutter
    1. Ask them if they ever felt the stuff gets in the way of living the life they want to live
    2. Wait for the response! Proceed appropriately

The gift of organization can be an amazing gift. We are very lucky to witness daily transformation on our amazing clients!

However, getting a gift certificate for organizing services can be worst than getting an appliance. When all you really wanted for your birthday was to get a manicure.

Just because you think someone needs to be organized, it does not mean they agree with you!  Hope you are not mad, and will understand our concern for your relationship!

Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott