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Organizing Tips for Back to School

Organizing Tips for Back to School

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Back to school routines can be the difference between a happy morning and a stressful morning. Get your family off to a better start this year by trying out some of the Maniac’s favorite tips for setting your family up for success.

A successful morning starts the night before. Yes, you read that right. If you want to streamline your morning and avoid last-minute searching for things or yelling at everyone that you’re running late, start preparing for your day the night before.

  • Pack as much of your kids lunches as you can – anything not requiring refrigeration should go straight in the lunch bag. This includes filling up a water bottle and remembering any utensils they might need.
  • Check the weather and find your stuff before bed. If you’re going to need a raincoat or umbrella, find it after dinner and put it by the door. This will avoid a frantic rush to find it in the morning when time is already tight and people are sleepy and not at their best.
  • Prepare anything your kids need for special classes such as music or PE. Grab those flutes, music stands, PE clothes, or project and put it by the door, ready to go.

Having as much prepared ahead of time as possible cuts down on the number of surprises that should arise in the morning. Having a nightly checklist of what needs to be prepared is a great strategy to implement as well because it not only takes the pressure off of parents to remember what needs to be done each night, but it allows kids to be a part of the process and start to develop strong organization skills they can carry with them throughout life.

Happy Organizing!

Cris Sgrott

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