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Spend a Day on your Home Organizing Projects

Organizing Your Clothes

Spend a Day on your Home Organizing Projects

unnamed-2Have you suddenly found yourself with a day free to be able to tackle some of your home organizing projects?  Maybe the kids just went back to school or everyone went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the weekend.  Whatever it was that gave you this day, don’t question it!  If you have the chance and the drive to spend a day on your home organizing projects, consider one of the following options to get the ball rolling.

Have a day free for organizing?

  • Kitchen organizing is a fun way to make a big impact on your family’s days. Spend your time going through each cabinet and evaluating the items inside. Group like items together to see if you end up with any duplicates or triplicates. This is common in kitchens where there are so many cool gadgets that are easy to lose and we end up buying or being given multiple sets of things.
  • If you’ve got a family with children, you know that their clothing, toy, and book collections seem to grow just as quickly as they do. Be sure to find a day or two once a year to organizing your kids’ rooms. Toys they no longer play with, clothing they have grown out of, and old school work are all candidates for leaving the house to make room for the items they are currently using. If they’re old enough, encourage your kids to be a part of the process so that they can learn organizing skills as they grow.
  • Cleaning out a few closets can also make a big impact on daily life. Hall or coat closets often times bear the brunt of daily activities. These are spaces that are convienent for quick stashes, and also have a built in door for hiding what’s within. On the other hand, an organized coat closet can steamline your family’s morning routine by making it easy for everyone to find their shoes, backback, hats, etc. Hall closets, coat closets, and guest bedroom closets are a nice choice for a project that can likely be done from start to finish in one day.

Happy Organizing!

Cris Sgrott

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