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Recycling Alert – Eye Glasses

Recycling Alert – Eye Glasses


Recycling Alert – Eye Glasses! For those of us who wear readers or full-time eye glasses, we know that it’s not uncommon for us to stash pairs of them around the house. In the nightstand, by the couch, in a kitchen drawer. When the prescription changes, often times we end up with several pairs we no longer need. But, what to do with them? They seem to linger around, stashed in bedside tables or in the back of a closet shelf. We may do a weekend organizing project, going through our kitchens or bedrooms, garages, or basements, but end up kind of shifting the glasses and cases from one area to another. Well, have no fear, because recycling old eye glasses is a fairly simple process.

Both Lenscrafters and the Lions Club offer eyeglass recycling programs. These organizations collect glasses with prescriptions that no longer work for their previous owners, but could be perfect for someone else. They clean them up and the glasses make their way to people in need right here in the US and in developing countries where they can truly change lives.

Maniacs Cris and Stephanie headed to our local Visionworks in Loudoun County to recycle some eyeglass we had collected from clients. Everyone there was friendly and excited to talk with us about the collection box they keep on hand for the Lions Club. Dropping off the glasses was easy, convenient, and definitely a feel-good activity for the day.

The next time you’re tackling a home organizing project and are wondering if some of the items you no longer need can be recycled, head over to the Links sections of the Organizing Maniac’s website where you’ll see a variety of items that can be disposed of in a more environmentally friendly way.

Happy Organizing!

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Cris Sgrott

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