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Keep Space Overhead Storage

Keep Space Overhead Storage

Keep Space Overhead Storage

As professional organizers, we’re always on the hunt for great solutions to help our clients. Whether it’s helping to de-clutter in preparation for a move and home staging, doing a big clutter clean up for the first time in years, or any of the other fun home organization projects we have the opportunity to help our clients with, find a new product solution is exciting. Today’s find is Keep Space Overhead Storage. It’s a creative track system for storing bins in your garage. With their system, tons of storage can be added to even garages with low clearance, which makes storing off-season, holiday items, bikes, or even luggage a breeze. Keep Space Overhead Storage has also developed Keep Twist, which is an overhead storage system that makes use of the tall space at the top of our closets. With the Keep Twist system, these spaces can be fully utilized for maximum storage potential.

Check out Keep Space’s website for some fun video demonstrations on their products. Here’s just a sample of some of the advantages they offer:

  • “Overhead Garage Storage up until now has been exclusive to situations with over 2 feet of clearance between the door and the ceiling. Our system works with only 12″ of space using our 14 gallon totes.”
  • Perfect for storing a variety of items: Holiday Decorations…Clothing that is out of season… Seasonal Sports Equipment…Keepsakes… etc. Tracking easily padlocks on the ends to be made tamper-proof!
  • Garage space that is now taken up on the sides with shelving can be either used for other stuff or taken out all together to make room for (you ready for this?) your car! Protect that valuable asset from wear.
  • The space above your garage door is not visible from the street where passersby won’t be able to see you have 12-24 containers in your garage that go undetected, all completely out of sight and out of mind.”

Happy Organizing!

Cris Sgrott

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