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Cash In My Bag – A luxury handbag, jewelry, accessory selling resource

Cash in My Bag

Cash In My Bag – A luxury handbag, jewelry, accessory selling resource

Purging your closet is an essential part of any good home organization plan. And with the changing of the seasons, many of us are taking the time to reevaluate items in our closets. We’ve tried on shirts, shoes, dresses, and pants. We’ve made trips to charities to donate unwanted items. But perhaps there are a few things that linger. They linger because we don’t quite know what to do with them. We know we don’t want them, but we don’t know the best way to discard them. Many times, these situations arise with designer items. Maybe you received one as a gift from your husband or mom, but it’s not really your style. Donation centers like Goodwill and Salvation Army aren’t necessarily the best resources for discarding these items. But consignment stores can be a hassle since you will need an appointment and have to drop off items then remember to check in to see if they sold. Is there another option? As it turns out, yes!

At a recent NAPO conference, our fearless leader Cris found Cash In My Bag. Cash In My Bag is a company that will buy designer handbags, jewelry, and accessories and have a simple process for doing so. Check them out here: www.cashinmybag.com.

From their website:

“When you’re ready to sell your authentic designer handbags, accessories and jewelry you want immediate cash. We all know that consignment promises one price but more often than not your final payout is not always as promised. Who wants to wait months on end watching and waiting to receive a check? Cash In My Bag’s philosophy is simply to put instant Cash In Your Bag. For generations our team of luxury experts have evaluated and authentic designer handbags, jewelry and accessories.”

Happy Organizing!

Cris Sgrott

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