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Focusing on One Step at a Time

Focusing on One Step at a Time

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg was, in fact, a powerful book for me. I was particularly drawn to the concepts of keystone habits (those habits that can truly transform a person’s life) and small wins. The further into the book I read, the more an inspiration to make a personal change began building inside me. I’m not sure if I knew it was happening or not, but when I put the book down, I knew for certain that it was time to put Duhigg’s sage advice into action in my own life. But where to start? There’s so much a person can change and the end goal is often too overwhelming to process in the beginning. I had no choice but to start by focusing on one step at a time. It would be the small wins that would lead me to my success.

My big, overall goal was to live a healthier lifestyle. I researched the best option for me and settled on a 30-day improvement in my diet as my first step. My goal was clear – to start each day with a shake. I had a timeline – 30 days. I could measure my success each morning – did I drink a shake instead of a less healthy choice? I liked the idea that if I messed up a day here and there, I never had to wait long before my next opportunity to get in a win. I was ready.

Let me tell you, starting each day with a shake and immediately having the feeling of that small victory gave me the confidence I needed to make healthier food choices all day long. It also made me feel like I could change other aspects of my life that I previously had thought were too overwhelming to even attempt. Just knowing that every morning I had already achieved my goal before I even got to work was amazing.

My small win really did allow me to approach each day from a successful mindset and because I allowed myself to celebrate each step I was taking towards my bigger, more complex goal, before I knew it my steps were adding up to an amazing journey.

Are you ready to start an home organizing journey of your own? If so, set yourself up for success by structuring your system to focus on all those powerful small wins along the way.

Happy Organizing!



Cris Sgrott

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