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The Planner Pad – One Year Later

The Planner Pad – One Year Later

IMG_3430Last year I had just discovered a new time management resource and was excited to review it here on Organizing Maniac’s blog. As we all know, a lot can change in a year. So here I am again to talk about how the Planner Pad has survived the changing tide of seemingly unlimited productivity tools – one year later.

Here’s the spoiler – I still LOVE my Planner Pad. I think I love it more now that I did initially, even. We’ve become friends, gotten to know each other, and found a nice rhythm.

Why the Planner Pad still works for me:


My life is fast-paced. I have a family, kids, cats, and a dog. And we all like to keep busy with activities, hiking, family dinners, and of course all the not-so-fun responsibilities as well such as grocery shopping and homework. Oh, and full time employment. So, how does one keep everything straight when ‘everything’ seems to change from week to week? That’s right, with the Planner Pad. I still love the columns provided at the top third of the page. Each week I get to set my own priorities for general categories and focus on what is important. I’m not stuck with one set of categories for a whole year or even month.


The Planner Pad comes in a few different sizes. I chose the 8.5”x11” size a year ago and have opted to reorder the same size for 2015. This is the first time I’ve used the large sized planner and I’ve found that it had a surprising visual bonus for me. It may seem to some to be cumbersome (especially after I fill up the front and back pockets with all my papers and stamps and business cards) but I found that I like that my time management system is large enough to see from across the room. When it sits on my passenger seat, it takes up a good portion of it and almost calls out to me to get the tasks I’ve listed in it done. Time management is crucial for me in achieving my personal and professional goals so I’ve really enjoyed that my planner is also physically large and not easy to ignore.


The back portion of the Planner Pad has approximately 10 sheets labeled Goals/Projects/Calendars. I will freely admit that mine sat ignored for a good 6 months as I had no idea how I was supposed to integrate these into my system. Then one day I just went for it and started to use them to jot down little ideas that came to me for things I wanted to do or explore further either professionally or personally. Not surprisingly, it turned out to be really nice having these all in one easy place to go back and reference. I don’t feel pressured to remember them and when I only have a short amount of open time, I can do a little work on them easily since all my notes are in one easy location.


Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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