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Clutter-Free Ways to Decorate Your Home With Holiday Cheer

Clutter-Free Ways to Decorate Your Home With Holiday Cheer

IMG_1777Searching for clutter-free ways to decorate your home with holiday cheer? The team at Organizing Maniacs has some suggestions for just that. Below you’ll find some ideas for keeping your holidays focused on family and festivities while minimizing clutter.

  • Streamline with statement pieces. There are so many fun decorations to be had (thanks, Target and Container Store) but just because they are cute or beautiful or festive doesn’t mean they need to come home with us. If you’re short on storage or trying to minimize excess clutter, decorate with fewer pieces that you really love or that make a big impact.
  • Use decorations that serve double-duty. Decorative platters and holiday napkins can adorn the table or sideboard during the holiday season while they wait to be put to use for holiday dinners. This way you’re getting décor and serving ware all in one. Holiday cards these days usually include photos of loved ones. Consider displaying cards as they are received to fill your home with holiday cheer and reminders of loved ones.
  • If it didn’t make it out of the box last year, donate it. Holiday decorations can really pile up. Each year there are new, shiny, beautiful items to be had. If you’re purchasing new décor, be sure to donate the old items you’re replacing. Anything that didn’t make the cut last year could also be donated to make room for decorations that you truly enjoy displaying. 
  • If all else fails, make cookies. When isn’t this good life advice?? Making up a batch of holiday baked goods can be a fun bonding experience for the family, especially those with kids. Making and decorating cookies which can then be set out in the kitchen or dining room will fill your home with holiday cheer and make memories your kids will cherish – all without adding any clutter to your home!

Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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