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Book Club – The Five Love Languages

Book Club – The Five Love Languages

UnknownWhile not the most obvious choice for an organizing-focused book club, the team at Organizing Maniacs learned a lot from reading The Five Love Languages and saw many parallels between what it had to offer and the ways in which we interact with our clients.

Five Love Languages reminded us of the importance of connecting with our clients in a meaningful way. We organize for a variety of different learning styles to ensure successful routines are established, but we also try to interact with our clients in the way that they best relate to.

Many of the Maniacs discovered that their Language of Love was Acts of Service. It’s not surprising then, that they find themselves expressing this in their work with clients. Alexandra noted that she always tries to let her clients know she cares by taking the extra step to make things special, even if it’s a small one. If she’s arranging books for a client, she likes to dust the bookcase before putting them back because she feels it’s the little things that really add up to a great experience and show her clients that she appreciates all their hard work in getting their space organized.

Cris found herself incorporating the lessons of Five Love Languages into her work by identifying what is truly important to her clients so that she can really be there for them and motivate them to achieve their goals. Wendy also agreed that reading this gave her tools to hone in on what is important to her clients and then work alongside them to make that happen.

Julie and Megan noted that as their life evolved, so did their primary language of love. They see this in their clients, too and think it’s important to establish routines and systems that work with the current needs of our clients and that can be adapted to fit the ever-changing world we live in.

Karen and Stephanie found the section on Words of Affirmation to be particularly relevant. Many times, people who are making a change have decided to make it because of past struggles or failures. This also generally means they have heard a lot of unkind and hurtful things along the way. Stephanie feels that words are more powerful than people realize and a small amount of kindness can change someone’s entire day for the better. We often are quick to say aloud what’s wrong, but forget to say all the greatness that is right in front of us.

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