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If you only file 5 pieces of paper this year

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If you only file 5 pieces of paper this year

file 5 pieces of paperIf you only file 5 pieces of paper this year, make it these

Do you hate to file?  You’re not alone.  And while we completely understand that there are approximately a hundred and three million things more exciting than filing to spend your time doing, some things are worth the sacrifice.

So, if you’re only going to file 5 pieces of paper, we recommend making it these.

  1. Copies of wills, medical directives, power of attorneys
  2. Vital Records for the entire family (birth, marriage, divorce certificates, social security cards, passports)
  3. Life insurance policies
  4. List of bank accounts and investments
  5. List of prescriptions and medications for you, your children, and any other dependents such as older parents

Why this list?  Because if you can’t find the title to your vehicle, it will certainly be a hassle to get a new one, but if you can’t find your social security card or copy of your birth certificate, you’re likely going to have a ripple effect of other projects put on hold.  These are two vital documents for life in the 21st century.  Wills, medical directives, and financial information will help alleviate unnecessary struggles for your family should anything unexpectedly happen to you.


Happy Filing!



Cris Sgrott

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