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Scott Dempsey – We Will Miss You!

Scott Dempsey – We Will Miss You!

Scott DempseyScott Dempsey, We Will Miss You!

How do you reconcile the early departure of a beautiful soul?  I don’t think you ever do!

Sadness overcame me today as I found out that one of our community friends, Scott Dempsey passed away.

Scott and I collaborated on a long-term project. And I had the privilege of getting to know him personally and professionally.

He was energetic, focused, persistent, with an amazing amount of determination and commitment.  He worked long  after most people would have given up.

He was a born communicator and networker, always finding new connections between people and ideas.  He had an insatiable curiosity for people and their story, and eternal compassion and love for dogs.  On our walks to Starbucks, he would pat every dog he could get his hands on.

I will long remember our many intellectual conversations.  We at times laugh which made working together fun.  There were new insights that came from those conversations.

Frankly, I found his thoughtfulness and empathy for others extraordinary.

I will forever miss and remember his big smile, his contagious laugh, his sense of humor, and his love and ability to find beauty in every person he met.

Mostly, I will miss an amazing man who inspired me.  He reminded me everyday that we shouldn’t take anything for granted.

I am eternally grateful for our time together.


Cris Sgrott

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