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MOS: Magnetic Organization System

MOS: Magnetic Organization System

MOSMOS: Magnetic Organization System

The Maniacs love to try new products!  Our most recent organizational tool is the MOS: Magnetic Organization System.  It is “a versatile magnetic organizer” meant to sit on your desk or attach to the wall to keep track of all those cords that end up down behind the desk or on the floor getting rolled over by your chair.


The MOS is a sleek triangle small enough to be added to even a tiny workspace.  I set my MOS up next to my laptop station, which is generally crowded by my laptop cord, my cell phone charger, and the charger for my portable speaker.  I was excited to try to MOS because I am on the go for both work and home-life so my cords are often left alone by my workspace while I have the laptop or phone with me.  When I come back I have to search the floor and awkwardly fish out the cord so I can charge my electronics.


The MOS base worked best for my Apple devices (laptop and phone).  It struggled a bit with my husband’s android charger which has a thicker plastic coating on the metal that the magnet had to get through, but it did stick to it.  I started with the MOS on my desk but found that when I shifted items the cords would still come off and fall to the floor.  Since I don’t work at a dedicated desk, but rather on the dining room table so that I can keep focused, I move my items more than would happen if I were to work in an office or at a space used solely for work.  I moved the MOS to the wall behind my work station and that solved my problem.  It was easy to grab the cords off the wall and charge up when I needed it and avoided the cords getting pulled off by my daily shuffling.  I also think the MOS would be ideal for people who share workspaces like a family’s kitchen command center or the kids’ homework space.  Multiple MOS devices could be used to group cords together to separate them by person to keep cords from tangling and from kids losing track of their chargers.


Overall, I found the MOS to be a small change that had a big impact in alleviating frustration with managing multiple corded electronics.


Happy organizing!



Cris Sgrott

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