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How Do Professional Organizers Manage Their Time?

How Do Professional Organizers Manage Their Time?

How Do Professional Organizers Manage Their Time?

Have you ever met someone who was really organized and thought to yourself – How do they do it? What’s their secret? As Professional Organizers, our clients often ask us just that. And while there’s no secret app or magical formula we can offer, we can show you the many ways there are to effectively manage your time and show you what we’ve chosen for ourselves.



Preferred Method: Paper and White Board

Why? I admit that I am still a paper calendar girl. I just can’t take the time to learn a new calendar system on the computer and plot everyone in with different colors and somehow figure out how to do it if something overlaps. I need my own system and paper works just fine. And do you think with these 47 year old eyes I would even be able to see it on my IPhone?! No one has to log into to the computer to see what is going on and I can take my calendar with me.

Every week I transfer a week’s worth of information on an erasable calendar. I find the most important aspect is that we sit down as a family and go over the calendar so there are no shocks or I’m not missing something. On a good week we sit down on a Sunday night and we go through each day to clarify the upcoming week. It is then posted where everyone can see it.


Wendy MassarelliWendy

Preferred Method: Electronic Calendar and White Board

Why? I love my apple calendar. My husband can also view it and add his travel schedule to it. Everyone in the house is color-coded. I love that I can add repeating events only once and that I can multiple alarms go off for each event.

My second tool is my dry erase weekly calendar. I fill it out every Sunday.  Again, everyone uses the same colors as in the calendar. Writing on this calendar on Sundays forces me to look at the week ahead and make special arrangements (like carpools) if necessary.




Preferred Method: Electronic Calendar and Family Meetings

Why? I couldn’t manage my time without my Google Calendar, my What’s App, and frequent family meetings. I have a big family (4 adults and 3 kids under the same roof) so it’s important that we all know what’s going on and where everyone is. Google Calendar lets us share scheduled events with reminders and a place for contact information, which is especially helpful for kids activities. The What’s App messenger allows the adults in the home to send one message and have everyone know what’s going on. We use it to discuss which groceries we’re out of, what bills are due, and where the kids are. We also schedule frequent family meetings over a tasty meal cooked by my sister, Alex. We discuss upcoming events, check in with everyone on how their life is going, and just generally reconnect as a family which is a top priority for us and the reason we try to manage our time effectively.


Alexandra PhillipsAlex P

Preferred Method: Electronic Everything

Why? I love the app Out Of Milk! I got it just for the grocery list function but it does so much more. Another winner for me is Aviate, a launcher app. If you love the organization and layout of an iPhone but you also love the Droid style apps, YOU CAN HAVE BOTH! I love that it thinks for me and saves me a ton of time. Love this thing.(Be sure to check out Alex’s Tech Tuesday review of Aviate.)

Clean Master is an app only available for Droid. It gives you a list of apps and how often you use them. This is extremely helpful if your kids download a bunch of games and then don’t use them. Or if you don’t like the type of games you find, just delete them. The Airdroid app works like an iPhone and a MAC. I can use the functions of my phone right from my computer. I can see and respond to texts. I can see who’s calling me. No need to have my phone with me. Such a time saver by making everything more efficient. YAY me!

Be sure to check out Alex’s Tech Tuesday Reviews of all these fun apps HERE

Happy Organizing!

The Maniacs

Cris Sgrott

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