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Order Out of Chaos Academic Planner

Order Out of Chaos Academic Planner

Order Out of Chaos Academic PlannerOrder Out of Chaos Academic Planner

Leslie Josel of Order Out of Chaos has developed an Academic Planner specifically designed to meet the needs of students who struggle with time management such as those with ADHD or other learning disabilities. She has taken the traditional student planner and transformed it into a powerful time management tool.


How It’s Different

It understands that students’ schedules extend past the school day. The Academic Planner not only leaves ample space, but actually encourages and expects students to use it as a place to manage their personal and extra-curricular activities as well. Students must get their homework and projects done, yes, but they must find a way to do this while balancing their complete schedule. Leslie’s planner allows them to do this.

It’s actually big enough for teenage writing. Let’s face it, not every kid writes neatly and even less take the time to write nicely when jotting down homework assignments. Leslie’s planner has big boxes to better ensure that kids will be able to read their handwriting when they sit down to do their work.

It’s not just a planner, it’s a tool. Leslie has clearly taken the time and poured all of her expertise into the development of this planner system. She has a great informational video on how students can use it to increase productivity and avoid the frustrations of forgotten or rushed assignments.


What We Love

The Subject Boxes.   Traditionally planners come with either pre-printed classes or with empty boxes each week that students have to fill in. Leslie has created an ingenious way around this. The Academic Planner is designed so students can write their own schedule but only have to do it once for the whole year. It’s a seemingly small detail, but for me is a game-changer.

The crisp, clear layout. This planner doesn’t have flowers or baseballs or inspirational quotes. I love that it’s not a distraction but an easy to read and use place for students to visually organize their time.


Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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