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Getting kids on board with organizing

Getting kids on board with organizing

Get your kids organized5 Tips Get Kids On Board with Organizing

Are you struggling to get your kids organized?  Don’t give up!  We’ve compiled a list of the best tips for successful and kid-friendly organizing.  Try them out and add your own helpful hints in the comments.

  1. Make it a game –If there are multiple children in the home, try challenging them to see who can pick up the most cars, trucks, or doll clothing in 5 minutes.  If there’s only one child in your home, give him or her a target number of toys to put away in a certain amount of time and see if they can beat their score each evening.
  2. Use pictures – When kids know where their items belong, they are more likely to put their things away.  Make sure that each item they own has a dedicated ‘home’ and that the home is clearly labeled.
  3. Be specific – “Clean your room” is both too vague and too subjective for kids to accomplish.  Instead, give your kids specific tasks, one at a time until the room looks the way you would like it to.  Start by asking your child to “Please pick up all of your toy trucks and put them in the truck drawer.”  Once they have done that, say something like “Good job.  Now I would like you to take all of your dirty clothing to the laundry room.”  This allows the child to get positive feedback after each task and ensures that they know what exactly is expected of them.
  4. Use immediate rewards – A weekly chore chart can be a beautiful thing, but waiting a full week for confirmation of a job well done can be torture for kids and is often too long to keep them inspired from day to day.  Getting to physically and continuously represent their accomplishment in any form helps to keep kids motivated.  Even incentives such as a fun sticker next to a completed job can help keep kids on track.  I suggest having each day include rewards that build up into a bigger weekly one.
  5. Be consistent – Once you have a system set up, stick to it.  If chore schedules are new to your family routine, stick with the one you pick for at least three weeks before making a decision to switch to a new one.  New habits take time to fully develop.

Happy Organizing!




Cris Sgrott

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