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How do I Recycle Musical Instruments?

How do I Recycle Musical Instruments?

Recycle musical instruments

Recycle unwanted musical instruments

The Holidays bring lots of new gifts.  If you  have some old instruments that have become clutter in your space, here are two great local Northern Virginia organizations that would gladly accept and recycle musical instruments:

  • Instruments In the Attic:  Established in Fall 2008, the Instruments in the Attic (IiA) program collects used musical instruments generously donated from members of the community. It’s “Going Green” in the most musical sense of the phrase! All instruments, new and used, or needing repair, are gladly accepted.  Location:  Fairfax, VA
  • MusicLink Foundation:    If you have an instrument you’d like to donate to the MusicLink Foundation for use by our MusicLink students and programs, please use our contact page to send us an e-mail explaining specifics about the instrument and your location.  Location:  Washington, DC.

Happy Recycling!


PS – For a complete list of our recycling suggestions see our resources page.

Cris Sgrott

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