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Moving Made Simple

Moving Made Simple

Want a smooth moving day?  Start early, plan accordingly – Moving Made Simple!

Moving Made SimpleI’ve moved about once a year for the past decade or so.  My husband and I met in college then bounced around from place to place, coast to coast, house to house.  Moving is fun! Exciting! Stressful… expensive…  Wait, what?  As we’ve gotten older and become more settled in other areas of our lives, moving has become a bit more complex than shoving our clothing and animals into the car and driving off to our next adventure.  Despite this, I’ve noticed that my husband and I have really gotten a handle on how to minimize the stress and cost of a move so that we can enjoy all the excitement of our life change.  Here’s how:

  1. Start early – This time around, we only had 3 weeks notice to find a new place and move.  Yikes!  But it ended up working out just fine since I took advantage of every minute available.  While I was hunting for a new place, I spent my evenings purging all those items that had accumulated during the past year but were not necessary to take with us.  Every day I attacked a new area starting with the small storage closet and making my way eventually to my personal closet and finally letting go of some heels I hadn’t worn in years but never wanted to let go.  Taking just a little bit at a time made it less daunting and also ensured that I only took items with me that I actually wanted in my new home.
  2. Color code – Yes, some who saw my boxes felt I’d gone overboard, but can’t recommend this enough.  Color code your boxes!  Since we were moving to a bigger house and weren’t sure which systems we’d be using to store our items, I chose to code my boxes per floor (basement, main, upper).  It was a simple system but extremely helpful on the other end.  We were paying movers, so I wanted to be sure all my boxes ended up in the right spot.  And you know what, they did!  There was only one small book-sized box that ended up on the wrong floor.  I was proud.
  3. Be realistic about expectations – I have never moved as much furniture and as many people as I did this time around.  I’ve also never moved on such short notice.  Because of this, I decided to make two important changes.  The first was hiring movers (worth every cent and the company we hired was great) and the second was to hiring a maid service for clean out.  Normally I’m stubborn and like to do all of this myself.  This time around, life just too busy for this to be a good option.  I would have been miserable and the move would not have been as joyful an event as it was.

Happy moving!


Cris Sgrott

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