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Green Tools and Green Organizing Products

Green Tools and Green Organizing Products

Going Green Checklist Our favorite Eco-Friendly Green Tools & Green Organizing Products

Many times we have noticed that our clients do not really want to hang on to all of the stuff in their home, but they do not want to see it dumped into the trash.  We agree.  Knowing the options availably for disposing of items can help to make the sometimes difficult decision to let something go.  For example, did you know that some donation retailers are accepting ripped or stained fabric so that it can be recycled?  Also, many counties now offer free electronic recycling and shredding events on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Did you know that we have a whole page dedicated to help our client’s recycle unwanted item?

Organizing Maniacs: Recycling Resources

Now you’ve got a handle on all the resources available to you for discarding and donating your unwanted items.  But there’s more to organizing than purging and many people are starting to look for Eco-friendly ways to deal with the stuff they are keeping.  Here are some of our favorite Eco-friendly tools to help you organize in a fun, green way.

Recycling Bin – The best thing you can do is to have a recycling bin available.  It sounds simple, and it really is.  Having easy access to a recycling bin will make it much more likely for that paper or old box to end up there rather than in the trash can.  Make sure you get a big enough bin to accommodate the amount of paper traffic in the area.  Place a bin in all high traffic rooms such as the kitchen and the office.  As soon as that junk mail comes in, toss it directly into the can.

Find other alternatives to plastic – Once you’ve done the hard work of purging and sorting, check out some fun alternatives to plastic bins.  The Container Store and IKEA have started offering more Eco-friendly organizing products.

Consider the Environment before you Print – Going paperless and creating a rock solid online paper management system will not only save some trees, but will also streamline your paperwork.  You may also want to check out a good scanner so that you can store papers online and reduce the chances of misplacing hard copies or printing multiples just in case.  If you don’t have time to scan the backlog of papers or simply do not want to scan them on your own time, there are services available that can take care of it for you.

Happy Green Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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