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We love 5 Minutes Maintenance

We love 5 Minutes Maintenance

Exercise Maintenance is like Organizing MaintenanceFive Minutes to Organization

I’ve been told that anyone can do anything for 5 minutes if they have the courage to start.   This blog post is just for you, with a few quick 5 minute maintenance tips.  While we try to stay away from using words like ‘any’, ‘all’, or ‘never’, I do feel that five minutes is a good time limit to work on something that you feel is overwhelming before you have even started.  So, while there is no way that I could hold my breath or be near a puppy without petting it for five minutes, let’s take a look at what we can do in just five little minutes that will result in a big pay out.

At home:

Take five minutes to gather clutter from around the house and distribute it to its appropriate place. If this feels like too big a task for five minutes, try to narrow your perimeter down to one room. Your entryway or that counter in the kitchen can be a good spot to make a big visual different. Take that cd you brought in from the car yesterday and put it away in the office. That book your friend borrowed last year and finally returned? Walk it over to the shelf.

If this sounds good in theory but feels crushing when you glance at the counter and can’t tell what may be in all those piles, set a timer. The timer serves as both a push to get started and lets you know exactly how long you have left so that you can focus on cleaning the counter and know that it will soon signal your reprieve.  Try this every evening (or get up a bit earlier than normal if you are a morning person) and you’ll be amazed at the results.

At the office:

These five-minute miracles don’t have to be reserved for your home, your desk could use some love, too.  If you’ve been missing a fax from a vendor, a form for a client, or that note you wrote to yourself last week, it’s time to spend a few minutes tackling your desk.  Remember, it’s only 5 minutes a day, you can handle that!  Here are some suggestions:

  • Look for anything that doesn’t belong in your work space.  I’m talking about those coffee cups, that DVD your coworker returned to you, the charger for a phone you don’t have anymore, and any papers that are no longer of value to you.  Put these items where they belong and call it a day.
  • If the top of your desk is clear or you’re not in the mood to work on it, fear not, just look to the drawers.  Try focusing in on one category so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Today, collect all the pens from the drawers.  Test them out and get rid of any that don’t work.  Decide how many pens you need and want to keep at your desk and designate a spot for them.  As you start out, this may be a cup on the top of your desk or in a Ziploc bag in one of the drawers.  Tomorrow, do the same process, but focus on a different category, say, paper clips.  Paper clips are fun.

We hope these 5 minutes maintenance tips will help you get and stay more organized.

Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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