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Tech Tuesday – Time Timer App

Tech Tuesday – Time Timer App

time-timer-plus-visual-timer_9fe3c8Time Timer

App Description:  The Time Timer App is a visual timer that makes time management remarkably easy and stress-free for all ages!

The Time Timer app displays time as a red disk that gradually gets smaller as time elapses. Children as young as three understand that when the red is gone, time is up! And unlike many other visual timers, the Time Timer app has a professional look and packed feature set to help adults make every moment count. It comes highly recommended by experts in professional organizing, healthcare, ADHD/ Autism and parenting.

Price: $1.99 – $2.99

Difficulty of Use:  We thought it was really easy to use.  In minutes we were setting different timers.


  • You can color code your tasks timer
  • It is really easy to use
  • Continuous alert that sounds until the person using the app taps OK
  • Ability to save multiple timers for routine activities or family members


  • Don’t forget to turn off your device auto sleep mode.  At times my timer did not buzz, when it was on sleep mode


  • iPhone, iPad & Droid

Where to find it on online:


5 Label MakersManiac Stephanie (5 Label Makers)


5 Label MakersManiacs Cris (5 Label Makers)



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