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Quick Project to get your Organizational Fix

Quick Project to get your Organizational Fix

get your Organizational FixJunk Drawers:  The Quickest, Most Satisfying Way To Get Your Organizational Fix

Is your schedule chaotic but you still want a project that allows you to feel that you’ve made some progress on your organizational goals?  Consider attacking that junk drawer.  There is nothing I love organizing more than a good junk drawer.  The small contained space filled with items that often have no discernable connection to each other combined with the very noticeable before and after results give it the edge over garages and storage areas which are just as satisfying but require much more in the way of effort and time commitment.

You want to try your hand at organizing a junk drawer now, don’t you?  Good!  Here’s what you do.

Step one:  Prepare for the Sprawl. 

The only way you’re going to tackle that drawer is by taking everything out of it.  Yes, I do mean everything.  Some people prefer to take one item at a time and figure out how to categorize it, but I much prefer the dump and sort way of doing it.  Take that drawer out and dump it onto the table then you are ready to really get in there and figure things out.  Group items together as you are sorting.  Anything that belongs in the garage goes in one pile, trash in another, all pens together, and so on.  If every inch of your table isn’t covered in piles, you aren’t having enough fun.

Step Two:  Measure Twice, Buy Once

Take a break from sorting and grab your tape measure.  Figure out the dimensions of your drawer (don’t forget to not only measure length and width, but also how deep, or tall it is.).  Then, pop on over to your local organizational supply store.  I suggest the Container Store, which to me is way more exciting than Disneyland. There are a lot of options out there, but here are three of my favorites.

A sturdy, heavy, clear plastic option


A cheaper, thinner white option.


A silver mesh option.


Step Three:  Decision Time

Back to sorting.  Once you have finished figuring out just what was living in that drawer and what you want to go back into it, you can make decisions about what dividers you want to use.  I always buy a variety of sizes so I can try different options, but this is only a good idea if you are willing to make an extra trip back to return the unused products.

Step Four:  Explore Your Options

Now is the fun part.  Play around with combinations of dividers, making sure that the items you use most frequently are the easiest to access.  Once you’ve settled on a combination that you like, fill it up with your nicely categorized piles.  Distribute the other piles to the appropriate places then come back to look at your drawer one more time and admire your handiwork.

Happy Organizing!



Cris Sgrott

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