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5 Ways to Thinking Inside the Box!

5 Ways to Thinking Inside the Box!

63705 Ways to Think Inside the Box?

Did you read that right?  Think Inside the box?  Yes, you did.  Everyone wants to think outside of the box, however, thinking inside of the box could help you get organized quickly.  We don’t mean to go back to traditional ways of paper and file management; we mean literally think boxes.  Big, clear, versatile boxes.  Here are 5 ways that a box can improve your productivity in the workplace.

Clear Boxes – Visual learners know that if something is out of sight, it is most likely out of mind.  Keep important things visible but contained by using clear bins and boxes whenever possible.  Don’t forget to label them so you (or anyone using your space) can keep your system intact.

Big Recycle Box – Junk mail is everywhere, cluttering up our inboxes and adding to the piles on every available flat surface.  Keep a recycling bin close by and immediately dump unwanted items as you gather the mail.  Sorting the junk from the important papers is an important first step in keeping your paperwork pile under control.

File Box – Swap out that file drawer for a desktop file bin.  Hiding files inside drawers or behind a door adds one more obstacle to the process of getting that piece of paper where it belongs.  If you’re anything like me, that paper will end up in a giant stack on your desk rather than in your organized file drawer.  Don’t work against your natural style.  Grab a bin to keep your files easily accessible on your desktop and be amazed at how much easier it is to get papers where they belong on the first try.

Chunky Action Box – Traditional inboxes are designed for papers, but often times actions come with more than that.  Grab a big bin, a shoe box, or any other box that suits your fancy and use it as a designed place to keep your action items.  Many people are nervous to commingle action items, but having one dedicated place to keep them really cuts down on time spent looking for missing materials.

Time Boxes – This one is more of a block than a box but we hope you will forgive us.  Visual learners tend to do better with task management when they can “see” their time.  Have a big calendar available where you can block your time according to tasks or even simply according to free verses busy blocks of time.

Thinking inside the box can help you speed the process and help you be more organized.

Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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