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Tech Tuesday – Happiness+

Tech Tuesday – Happiness+


App Description:  Happiness+ is an App that sends you motivational quotes

Price: Free

Difficulty of Use:  We thought it was really easy to use.  In minutes we were viewing our motivational quotes.


  • Quotes can be inspiring and motivating
  • I love the concept of this app and found the quotes and tips to be very positive and well intended
  • Liked that I could scroll through as many as I wanted at one time because in some moments, I
    needed more happiness or didn’t feel that the provided tip was applicable to my current situation
  • Happiness also lets you star and save tips that you find particularly relevant to you


  • Not very exciting.  The graphics are very simple
  • The biggest downside to the app is that it requires users to remember to go into their phone and click open the app. There is no function that allows you to set up daily notifications and I found myself forgetting to look at it. It eventually became more of a chore to remember to click it than it was inspiring to read the tips


  • iPhone, iPad & Droid

Where to find it on online:


3 Label MakersManiac Stephanie (3 Label Makers)

3 Label MakersManiacs Cris (3 Label Makers)


Cris Sgrott

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