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Motivation and Organizing…Oxymoron? Part II

Motivation and Organizing…Oxymoron? Part II

iStock_Man Climbing Rock LargeHow To Be Your Own Cheerleader

Describing what we do as a professional organizer can be tricky.  Do we organize people’s homes?  Yes.  Do we help people create filing systems for better paper management?  Certainly.  Help with time management and space planning?  Yes, and yes.  But at the same time, I feel there is another less tangible but equally important part of my job.  Something that is harder to describe, but makes all the difference.  My goal for each of my clients is to allow them to create order in their lives so that they can become their own cheerleader in life and in the process of living a more simplified, organized life.

It is hard to have sustained motivation on a long project, like organizing your entire home or life.  These are a few suggestions that I have for people starting a new organizing venture or working towards an existing one.

  • Only say “yes” to things that move you toward your goals, make you happy, or add value to your life.
  • Remind yourself of why you are getting organized.  Make a dream board of your space as you would like it to be or your life when you’ve got a handle on time management.
  • Create a personal mantra to recite when you need motivation.  Make signs to hang around your home or at your desk to remind you of your own kind words.
  • Put together playlists to get you through rough moods.  Make one to pump you up when you get help getting started on a task, one that sooths you when you feel overwhelmed, and one that is upbeat for playing during mundane tasks.
  • Get in the habit of complimenting others.  You’d be surprised how far just focusing on the good in others can take you to improving the overall positive outlook in your own life.

Happy Organizing!



Cris Sgrott

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