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Tech Thursday – YadaHome.com


Tech Thursday – YadaHome.com




We love technology!

In our Tech Tuesday or Thursday (depending on how organized we get), Maniac Stephanie and Maniac Cris are going to give you the ins and outs of what they love about the featured organizing Apps.

We will start with one of our favorites!  It is a New Year, and and it is time to rediscover.

App Description:  YadaHome.com, a social network designed to help you organize and plan your daily lives and coordinate activities with your family.  A mobile and online applications built around shared family productivity tools (calendars, to do lists, photo albums, journals, and grocery lists).

Price: Basic is free, but if you want to share and sync you will need a paid subscription of a few $$.

Difficulty of Use:  We thought it was really easy to use.  In minutes we were sharing tasks and grocery lists.


  • All of the important items are in the same place
  • It includes a calendar, To-Do List, Grocery List
  • Capacity to sync with all family members
  • Capacity to sync with YadaHome.com website
  • Email reminders & Alerts
  • Real Time application


  • Family members have to agree to participate into the App (I guess we cannot force them to be organized!)


  • iPhone, Droid & Blackberry

Where to find it on online:


5 Label MakersManiac Stephanie (5 Label Makers)


5 Label Makers

Maniacs Cris (5 Label Makers)

Cris Sgrott

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