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Happy New Year! What’s Your Goal?

Happy New Year! What’s Your Goal?

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Happy New Year!

“This year I’m going to get organized!”

As professional organizers, we work with people every day whose goal it is to get and stay organized.  Some people will want to find an organized filing system that works to manage all of their paper, some need help integrating technology into their on-the-go lifestyle, others have vowed to improve their time managements.  Some people pick organizing projects based on an area of their home – kitchen, play room, garage, basement.  Whatever your project, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to set realistic, measurable, time-sensitive, flexible goals.


Our client Marcie’s goal is to better manage the papers coming into her home so that she doesn’t miss deadlines or lose important papers.

Realistic: My first step will be to pay my bills online this year so that I will have less paper coming into my home that I then have to manage.

  • It’s important to recognize that most goals must be achieved in stages.  Try to set smaller, intermediate goals that lead up to your bigger aspiration of waking up one day to an organized home and life.

Measurable: Keep track of the number of days you bring in the mail and immediately dump the junk into your recycling bin, rather than leaving it to pile on the table.

  • Motivation can be hard to come by!  Do yourself a favor and set your goals up so that you can track your progress in objective terms.  If your goal is paper management, seeing those check marks fill up your calendar will motivate you to keep working at your goals.

Time Sensitive:  I will enroll in online bill payment for all of my utilities by February 1st.  I will enroll in online bill payment for 3 additional bills by February 15th.

  • This avoids having to wonder if you are making progress.  You will know for sure whether or not you’re on track.

Sometimes ideas sound better than they work.  Don’t be afraid to try new ways of doing things.  Make your system work for you and your needs.  However, make sure you try the new system long enough to make it work for you.

Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!

Stephanie & The Maniacs

Cris Sgrott

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