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2013 International CHADD Conference in Crystal City, VA

2013 International CHADD Conference in Crystal City, VA


CHADD Conference 2013

This month, our very own Alexandra Epps and Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton joined a group of researchers, industry professionals, parents, and children at the 2013 Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Conference in Crystal City, VA.  Alexandra and Cris learned new techniques for helping adults and children struggling with AD/HD, were introduced to new perspectives for approaching AD/HD clients, and the latest research in the industry.

Alexandra shares with us what she took away from a session by Dr. Ari Tuckman that she found particularly inspiring.  

As usual, Dr. Ari Tuckman was compassionate and informative for those with ADD.

He discussed some of the many “mindset traps” that those with ADD have.  With executive function challenges, there is often a tendency to be unclear about the methods to use to achieve goals. Many with ADD have the tendency to “avoid and protect” when it comes to completing tasks. Finding it difficult to “self- activate,” many with ADD find themselves not trying at all due to previous failures.  Trying and failing is often seen as a character judgment and is rationalized that it is safer not to try. This behavior encourages the acceptance of living with chaos.

Dr. Tuckman offered some remedies to this self- defeating way of life. He discussed the importance of consistency to counteract these mindset traps. He stressed bringing your “future closer to the present” by staying with the facts and working towards the positives, giving thought to the future benefits of completing a task. One final note was, don’t accept chaos in your life! Reducing chaos can actually improve executive function.  Dr. Tuckman really had an impact on self-advocacy and left us with the feeling that we can do it!

Cris shares with us what she took away from a session by Dr. Robert Brooks that she found particularly inspiring.  

He spoke of the power of mindsets.  I have been a believer in seeing the good in people long before I started organizing.  I like to take credit for this mindset, but I have to give credit to my parents, my teachers, and some of the amazing leaders I had the pleasure of working with in my corporate careers.

Dr. Brook’s inspiring presentation at CHADD was funny, full of powerful statements from children, and a reminder of how what we think has a huge impact in people’s lives.  He is a child psychologist, and his stories were a true representation of the pain I see in some of my adult clients.  However, he reminded us that we should always come to any relationship with an open mind.  It is all about the mindset!

I learned that everyone one has an Island of Competence, it simply says that we are all good at something.  And, it is our job as professional organizers to help people figure out their organizing strengths.

I learned a lot of great techniques, and tools to help my clients deal with their ADHD.  But, Dr. Brooks reminded me that my time with clients may have a much bigger impact than I ever considered.

If you are interested in listening to some of the 2013 CHADD sessions, the recordings are available to be purchased online.

Happy Organizing!

Alexandra & Cris




Cris Sgrott

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