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5 Questions for Francis Wade about his Time Management Book

5 Questions for Francis Wade about his Time Management Book

images5 Questions for Francis Wade

Our own Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton sits down with Francis Wade, author of the new book – Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure.

CSW: Your book takes a new approach to teaching time management. Can you explain what sets it apart from others?

FW: I decided to go out on a limb and trust my readers a bit. The Bill Book (my nickname) is actually a business fable / parable. It’s a story about Bill and his attempts to save his job that I hope will not only engage the reader but also impart some powerful lessons about Time Management 2.0.

I actually show people that they already created a working system in their teens or early twenties. They simply forgot that they did it, and more importantly, how.

CSW: Does Bill (your main character) discover this in the book?

FW: It’s one of the big discoveries that Bill makes when he is suddenly forced to do the job of three people. He starts failing, and falling behind as stuff falls through the cracks. The book starts when he receives an anonymous email message telling him that he’s close to being laid off in the next round of downsizing. His boss confirms that he’s in trouble, and that his weak time management is to blame.

He spends the entire book trying to save his job, and discovers the need for self-design rather than mimicry.

CSW: Sounds daunting. Does it take him several years?

FW: No – he gets some expert help in thinking it all through. The real breakthrough comes when he tries to teach his teammates how to do their own upgrades – and the book comes to a head when they must improve their skills in order to deliver a critical project on time.

Also, he struggles to balance his life, and to give his wife and family the time and attention that he’s committed to. Plus he has a couple of aging parents to help take care of.

CSW: It sounds like a real series of ups and downs. Is that typical of real life?

FW: It’s close to what most of us are forced to do in coming up with our own solutions. In the book, Bill helps develop a method that makes it much easier for others to follow so that they aren’t starting from scratch. Instead, they can follow a step-by-step process that shortens the improvement process.

At the back of the book there are web-links to a number of further learning resources, most of which are free. Anyone who wants to start upgrading their system can use training, videos, podcasts, special reports and blog posts developed over the past few years to immediately learn more.

CSW: So the book is just a starting point?

FW: Exactly – it tells a story of one man’s journey and my hope is that people will see themselves in his adventure a bit, and identify with the challenges that he faced. Most people would agreed that their needs are as unique as mine are, and that they need a unique blend of habits, practices and rituals that fits their life. Off the shelf solutions fit a minority of people, but the majority needs productivity solutions that are custom made.

CSW: Francis, it’s been great having you here with us at Organizing Maniacs.

FW: It’s been a pleasure.

Happy Organizing!

Cris Sgrott

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