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Are You Blissfully Merging Two Households Together?

Are You Blissfully Merging Two Households Together?

Merging Two Households Together after marriageI read an interesting article in a bride magazine, while waiting at the dentist office the other day, and it made me think.  Most engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.  Now, everyone is blissfully planning their wedding.

However, a lot of people have no idea how they are going to be merging two households of stuff together after marriage.  Merging households is one of the most stressful transitions a couple will go through.

Nobody wants to be the one getting rid of their prized possessions.  I have worked with a few couple, and of course, I have seen my fair share of their prized possessions.  The ultimate bell bottom pants, college trophies, award certificates, photos of past girlfriends, large bins of mini skateboards, secret stash of Smurfs, you know what mean!?!  We all have mysterious boxes lurking in our garages.  Well, I actually don’t.  But, my husband does.

Here are three simple steps to keep you both sane through the process:

  • Be patient and open minded
    • The stuff doen’t matter – your relationship does!
    • Be willing to compromise – you cannot keep it all
  • Have a good floor plan, it will help when you start discussing furniture placement
    • Start working on the process as early as possible
    • Schedule short sessions to sort, organize and merge
  • The person moving to the established home
    • At your house
      • Green tag must haves
      • Red tag donates
      • Yellow tag sell/discuss/would like to have
    • At your new home
      • Red tag donates
      • Yellow tag negotiable items
    • Let the negotiation begin!  Have fun!
  • If it all fails, call for help!  Friends, family or a professional organizer can always be impartial.

Happy Organizing!






Cris Sgrott

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