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An Organized Move

An Organized Move

IMG_1003An Organized Move

Spring is in the air!  Well, no it’s not.  But by this point in the winter, we all wish it were.  While it is not quite in the air yet, Spring is waiting just around the corner.  Maybe it’s because I’m an obsessive planner and need to start on even far off projects the moment I find out about them and people know this about me.  Maybe it’s that my husband used to be a professional mover.  I’m not sure, but it feels like lately I have come across a lot of people who have plans to move this Spring.  Some are moving to bigger spaces to accommodate their families, some are downsizing to better fit their lifestyle, while others are moving for a change in location.  Whatever the reason, moving is a huge job.

Below you’ll find some tips for getting through the moving process in one piece!

Start early

In February, May seems far away.  But day after day of pushing back getting started can add up quickly, each passing day adding to the work that must get done later.  Starting early can help to ease stress by making progress, however small, rather than leaving the move hanging in the back of your mind.  Also, if you start early, you have more of an opportunity to work on it when you feel like it, and skip days when you’re just not in the mood.

Make a plan

If “Pack” is on your to-do list, my guess is that you will be skipping over it.  Maybe you’ll clean out the refrigerator instead.  Maybe you’ll go to the gym.  Maybe you’ll call and check in on an old friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with.  Either way, “Pack” is a very scary task to have on your list.  Why?  It’s too general.

Goals are more easily attained when they are both specific and measurable.   Instead of “Pack”, try something like “Spend 20 minutes decluttering my closet.”  With this goal, you can measure it in time and it is specific enough to not feel overwhelming.  You’re not setting yourself up for a huge task, but you’re moving in the right direction towards your overall goal.  If at the end of 20 minutes you want to continue, go for it!  After that, it will be easier to pack up your clothing and know you’re only bringing with you things you enjoy wearing.

Just because it’s in this house, doesn’t mean it belongs in the next one!

Moving is expensive.  Moving stuff you don’t actually want or need anymore is really expensive.  You’re going to be paying for boxes to put this stuff in, labor to move it, truck space to bring it to the next house, and valuable space in your home to continue to store it.  So, if you go down to the basement storage and see a box that has been there unopened since your last move 8 years ago, I would suggest not leaving it as is, but opening it up to see what’s in there!

You’re only allowed one miscellaneous box

Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton tells anyone moving that “You’re only allowed one miscellaneous box.”  Does it seem harsh?  It may at first, but it’s really good advice.  We know it’s tempting, especially at the end of the packing process, to throw everything left into a box, but stay strong!  Your future self will thank you when unpacking in your new space.

When packing, don’t put things into a box together because they fit in there or because they were both in arms reach.  Try to categorize items and group them together in boxes.  If you know how you are going to set up your new space, use this as a guide for choosing what to pack together.  Good labeling will make it easy for movers to bring boxes to the right room and also help you find items without having to unpack every box at once.

Get help

If the task seems too daunting to start or you run out of steam somewhere in the middle, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Reach out to friends, family, or a professional organizer to help keep you on track and give you the support you need to get into your new home!

Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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  • Damian

    March 21, 2013at10:16 pm Reply

    Only one “miscellaneous” box, huh? I’d like to think we’re fairly well organized when we move but I know I’ve got more than one miscellaneous box! Of everybody I know we are without a doubt the most organized and ready to move people. I can’t tell you how annoying it is when I show up to help a friend/family member that is still packing their stuff. If there’s any advice I can give right now: have your stuff ready to move when you ask for help!!! It’s the least you can do. 🙂

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