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Recipe Binder

Recipe Binder


Organizing Clients’ Recipes

I’ve spent many hours organizing recipes for a client, beautiful big 3 ring binders of fabulous things to make and eat.  I can admit that I am quite jealous of this.  I have very few recipes compared to this client (one – one inch binder). Some, however, are used over and over again, especially during the holidays.  So, every year I flip through my binder looking frantically for those yummy pumpkin puffs or cranberry relish we love to make.

This year I finally got tired of the searching and I took some time to organize my own recipes.  My client would be proud or dismayed, I’m not sure.  They weren’t that disorganized, as each recipe was in a sheet protector, to protect it from the “elements” as I cook, or my three girls do.


I sorted and categorized the recipes, keeping in mind not to be too specific as I didn’t want more categories than recipes.  I combined things like soups and sauces, veggies and sides.  Once this was in place I purchased dividers from the office supply store and got to labeling.  If you have recipes in sheet protectors you will need to get dividers that extend beyond the sheet protector, or you won’t be able to see them (called extra-wide).  You would be amazed at how many types of dividers one can buy!

I went a little “crazy” and have branched out to two binders. I put the desserts and miscellaneous in one and everything else in the other.  My binders have a pocket in the front of them and I like to put some sort of food photo/art work in there to make it more interesting.  I also labeled the spines of the binders with what they contain.

My Organized Binder

I try not to collect too many recipes because there is that thing out there called the internet and you can find just about every and anything you need.  But for those few special recipes that were found in magazines before the internet was so handy, or recipes that friends and family gave me, an organized binder is great.

Here’s to a yummy dinner tonight!



Cris Sgrott

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